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A special issue of Journal of Surveillance, Security and Safety

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Submission deadline: 1 Nov 2021

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  • Prof. Kevin Curran
    School of Computing, Engineering and Intelligent Systems, Ulster University, Londonderry, Ireland.

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Special Issue Introduction

Steganography is a process that involves hiding a message in an appropriate carrier, e.g., an image or an audio file. The carrier can then be sent to a receiver without anyone else knowing that it contains a hidden message. This is a process which can be used by civil rights organisations in repressive states to communicate their message to the outside world without their own government being aware of it. Less virtuously, it can be used by terrorists to communicate with one another without anyone else’s knowledge. In both cases the objective is not to make it difficult to read the message as cryptography does, but to hide the existence of the message in the first place possibly to protect the courier.

There are many potential applications of steganographic techniques. Copyright protection - owner identification or transaction tracking, broadcast monitoring, content authentication, including tampering detection or localization - copy control and device control stand out among the applications of digital watermarking. On the other hand, secret communications are the focus of steganography, either for military reasons or for dissidents or for criminal organizations.

The military and criminal applications of steganography have led to an increased interest of the academic community in steganalysis, i.e., the techniques used to detect steganographic communications. The goal of this Special Issue is to focus on recent steganographic techniques and their various applications. It will bring together researchers and practitioners from different research fields, including steganography, image processing, data hiding, signal processing, cryptography or information theory, among others, to contribute with original research outcomes that address issues in steganographic techniques.

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1 Nov 2021

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