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Topic: Security, Privacy, and Trust in the Internet of Things

A special issue of Journal of Surveillance, Security and Safety

ISSN 2694-1015 (Online)

Submission deadline: 30 Jun 2023

Guest Editor(s)

  • Dr. Saraju P. Mohanty
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of North Texas, Denton, TX, USA.

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  • Dr. Venkanna Udutalapally
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIIT Naya Raipur, Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India.

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  • Dr. Amit M. Joshi
    Department of Electronics & Comm. Engineering, MNIT, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

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  • Dr. Deepak Puthal
    Department of Electrical Engineering And Computer Science, Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, UAE. 

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Special Issue Introduction

The Internet of Things (IoT) can connect a large number of smart devices and the market is predicted to increase to over $2.4 trillion annually by 2027. IoT devices are widely applicable in many application scenarios of human daily life and the collection of public and personal information. IoT has the potential to offer innovative solutions to real-time such as aging populations, climate change, healthcare, battlefield monitoring, etc. The heterogeneous nature of the IoT as well as the computational constraints of many of the building blocks of the IoT make security, privacy and trust a challenging problem to solve on the one hand, while security, privacy and trust play a critical role for most if not all applications of IoT in domains such as surveillance, healthcare, security, transport, food safety, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management. Without effective solutions for security, privacy and trust, reliable data fusion and mining, qualified services with context-aware intelligence and enhanced user acceptance and experience cannot be achieved.

Topics of interest for this Special Issue include, but are not limited to, the following:
● System and architectural approaches for IoT Security;
● Machine learning/Deep learning techniques for IoT Security;
● Network intrusion detection for IoT security;
● Internet of Things (IoT) Security with Blockchain Technology;
● SDN-based IoT Security;
● Edge computing-based designs for IoT security;
● Security, privacy and trust in integration of IoT devices and their data;
● Security, privacy and trust in IoT cloud services and resources;
● Secure IoT data query, analysis, and visualization;
● Security, privacy and trust in real-time IoT data analysis;
● IoT device actuation and feedback;
● Secure Mobile sensing and data analysis;
● Security, privacy and trust in Edge/fog computing services for IoT;
● Security, privacy and trust in IoT Big data;
● Cyber defence strategies and responsibilities in IoT system;
● Efficient/Secure implementation of cryptographic algorithms in IoT;
● Authentication and access control in IoT;
● IoT networking and communication security;
● Privacy and anonymization techniques in IoT;
● Security, privacy and trust in analysis of social media posting and crowdsourcing;
● Security, privacy and trust in fusion of sensor data with the social media postings.


IoT security, security issues, privacy, trust

Submission Deadline

30 Jun 2023

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Submission Deadline: 30 Jun 2023
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