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Topic: Wireless Network Security and Optimization

A special issue of Journal of Surveillance, Security and Safety

ISSN 2694-1015 (Online)

Submission deadline: 30 Jun 2023

Guest Editor(s)

  • Prof. Yinbin Miao
    School of Cyber Engineering, Xidian University, Xi’an,Shaanxi, China.

    Website | E-mail

  • Prof. Ximeng Liu
    School of Mathematics and Computer Science, Fuzhou University, Fuzhou, Fujian, China.

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Special Issue Introduction

With the rapid development of wireless communication technology and the popularity of mobile smart terminal devices, Wireless Networks (WNs) are gradually applied to various fields, such as smart cities, e-healthcare, smart agriculture, smart grid, and autonomous vehicle. It is becoming an integral element of daily life for activities in which a sender may deliver critical data to a receiver without the usage of any physical media. The recent technological advancement in WNs provides several benefits such as ubiquitous high data rates, low latency, and high bandwidth, but also leads to several limitations, such as security, privacy, reliability, authenticity, integrity, and scalability, which can impede the performance of WNs-based applications, although the scientific community has implemented effective radio resource management and cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and quantum communication, to improve network performance in wireless networks. However, the motivations of the attackers are constantly changing, new attacks are emerging, and the increasingly diverse needs of people for wireless networks as network technologies evolve present a challenge to existing solutions. Therefore, it is urgent and necessary to study security and optimization issues in the context of wireless networks. In this Special Issue, we aim to collect the latest developments in the study of security and optimization of wireless networks.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
● Secure and Flexible Blockchain Framework in Wireless Networks;
● Secure Communication Architecture in Wireless Networks;
● Fine-grained access control design in Wireless Networks;
● Encrypted Deduplication Solutions in Wireless Networks;
● Different types of encrypted data search in Wireless Networks;
● Machine Learning Based Intrusion Detection Techniques in Wireless Networks;
● Computation of encrypted data based on private computing in Wireless Networks;
● Blockchain technology-based solutions in Wireless Networks;
● Secure data integrity and validation techniques for Wireless Networks;
● New security and privacy challenges in Wireless Networks.

Academics, research students and professionals are invited to submit their original work. Extended conference papers are also welcome, provided they have been revised and contain at least 50% new content (and the previously published proceedings paper is submitted with the research paper).


Wireless networks, security, privacy protection

Submission Deadline

30 Jun 2023

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Submission Deadline: 30 Jun 2023
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