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Acknowledgment to reviewers of Journal of Surveillance, Security and Safety in 2021

JSSS Editorial Office, Alhambra, CA 91801, USA.

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    Rigorous peer-review is the corner-stone of high-quality academic publishing. The editors of Journal of Surveillance, Security and Safety (JSSS) would like to express their sincere gratitude to the following reviewers for their precious time and dedication, regardless of whether the papers were finally published in 2021 [Table 1].

    Table 1

    The reviewers in 2021

    Massimo FiccoDohyun KimKshirasagar S. NaikSeokwon YeomShaun S. Wang
    Mohammed BouhormaGautam SrivastavaDenis ScalbertWeiqing SunStefanos Gritzalis
    Zheng JunDebiao HeDavid HutchisonDana PetcuYuliy Baryshnikov
    Rajesh KumarWenhai SunVincenzo De FlorioAllel HadjaliKarl Andersson
    Yongxin LiuKen BarkerSaru KumariKeke GaiGerhard Wilhelm Weber
    Houbing SongSherali ZeadallyChunwei TsaiDickson K.W. ChiuRussell G. Thompson
    Rosa María Arnaldo ValdésNora CuppensChristos AridasAkila SiriweeraKrishna Kant
    Stathis MalakisMichael G. PechtSeung Geol ChoiYi-Hung LiuQi Jiang
    Rakesh ShresthaYashwant MalaiyaFosca GiannottiChristos DouligerisMohammad Shojafar
    Guangming CuiFrédéric CuppensUnil YunMohammad Hossein AnisiLuca Calderoni
    Steven D. GalbraithAjita RattaniNathalie JapkowiczEirini Eleni TsiropoulouMassimo Ianigro
    Guomin YangWeizhi MengZhihong TianGoutam ChakrabortyNan Wang
    Athanasios VasilakosConstantinos PatsakisQinghua LiDouglas ReevesHui Yang
    Panagiotis TrakadasDomenico TaliaMarc DacierAngela BonifatiFelix C. Engel
    Ngoc Hong TranBo ShengG BianchiBryan FordAnas Husseis
    Xiaodong LinKrishnamurty MuralidharAntonio PescapéQiong HuangJalil Nourmohammadi-Khiarak
    Chengsheng YuanPatrick C.K. HungJemal AbawajyKeith M. MartinFeng-Cheng Chang


    Authors’ contributions

    Writing and revision of the article and approved the final version: JSSS Editorial Office

    Availability of data and materials

    Not applicable.

    Financial support and sponsorship


    Conflicts of interest

    The author declared that there are no conflicts of interest.

    Ethical approval and consent to participate

    Not applicable.

    Consent for publication

    Not applicable.


    ©The Author 2022.

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