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Chinese Editorial Board Seminar of Journal of Surveillance, Security and Safety Held in Xi'an

Published on: 9 Jan 2020 Viewed: 2016

On 29 December 2019, a seminar was held in Xi'an on the topic of development planning for the Journal of Surveillance, Security and Safety (JSSS) by OAE Publishing Inc. The Editorial Board is led by Professor Xiaofeng Chen of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology and includes 10 experts in the related research fields. The other members of this team are: Professor Xinyi Huang from Fujian Normal University, Professor Fei Gao from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Professor Jian Shen from Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Professor Wang Ding from Peking University, Professor Debiao He from Wuhan University, Professor Qiong Huang from South China Agricultural University, Professor Tao Liu from Zhejiang University, Professor Xiangyang Luo from State Key Laboratory of Mathematical Engineering and Advanced Computing, Professor Hongyu Yang from Civil Aviation University of China, Professor Fangguo Zhang from Sun Yat-sen University, and the OAE staff team.

(Row 1 from left to right: Fangguo Zhang, Fei Gao, Min Fan, Xiaofeng Chen, and Xinyi Huang;
Row 2 from left to right: Lijun Jin, Qiong Huang, Debiao He, Hongyu Yang, Ding Wang, Tao Liu, Jian Shen, and Elaine Gao)

The seminar began with a warm welcome speech by Min Fan, general manager of Beijing OAE Publishing Inc. Then, Mrs. Gao, on behalf of the JSSS editorial office, presented the current development of JSSS and plans for its future. Moreover, Editorial Board members provided many constructive suggestions for JSSS, discussing the topics of planned papers for the first issue, how to control the quality of papers, suggestions on the average processing time of manuscripts, encouraging policies for journal participants such as authors and reviewers, and how to communicate with young and middle-aged scholars of strong academic potential, among others. At last, the Editorial Board stated that promoting and growing together with JSSS is an honorable, unremitting, and challenging task. Although there is great pressure, it also brings motivation.

Looking ahead, with the continuous support of the Editorial Board, we hold a firm belief that JSSS will emerge as a high-quality, influential international journal. Its sustained development will assist researchers in related fields to keep abreast of research topics, subject information, and related industry trends.

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